No More Late Fees - S3 EP19 - BASEketball
No More Late FeesNovember 18, 202301:30:00

No More Late Fees - S3 EP19 - BASEketball

This week we are talking about 1998 American sports comedy BASEketball with our friend Ron.

When slacker friends Joe Cooper (Trey Parker) and Doug Remer (Matt Stone) are challenged to a pickup basketball game against some jocks, they counter by proposing to play a game they learned called "BASEketball," which combines basketball and baseball. In reality, they are improvising all of the rules, but somehow the sport becomes a hit. A promoter (Ernest Borgnine) forms a popular league, but after his death a rival owner (Robert Vaughn) wants to change the rules to increase profits.

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Yasmine Bleeth, Jenny McCarthy Robert Vaughn, Ernest Borgnine & Dian Bachar

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