Jackie Conley

Jackie Conley


Jackie was born in Mesa, Arizona and grew up in the Bay Area of California as well as in South Florida! She attended high school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 2000. After her school incurred a shooting back in 2018, Jackie raised funds to help feed first responders. 

She later enrolled at Florida Atlantic University (Go Owls!) where she achieved her bachelors degree in Media Studies: Film and Video in 2006. Working her way through college, Jackie was employed at Blockbuster Video for 7.5 years.

She made her move to Austin, Texas in 2007 where she began working towards her teaching certification and performed various roles such as early education teacher, paraprofessional, and special education teacher. 

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys trivia and creating content for her podcast! The podcast, No More Late Fees, involves re-watching movies from the late 90s and early 2000s (Blockbuster would be proud)! 

She  also loves exploring craft breweries with her husband Ken, traveling, making trips to Disney, and visiting with her niece, Willow. Jackie is also a loyal Harry Potter fan and even named her 2 cats Thomas Riddle and Narcissa Malfoy! Feel free to check them out at @iamlordvoldecat on Instagram! 

Fun Facts:

  • I was in a TempurPedic commercial
  • My favorite color is green
  • My favorite animal is a rat
  • I love to carve pumpkins
  • I love trivia and have a group I play with almost every week.
  • I have visited the following countries: Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Belize, Honduras and England
  • I have visited 21 states
  • My favorite book series is Harry Potter
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