Buckle Up for Chaos! Re-Watching Go (1999)
No More Late FeesApril 16, 202401:37:28

Buckle Up for Chaos! Re-Watching Go (1999)

Ready to go back to a time of dial-up internet, warehouse raves, and questionable life decisions?  This week on the No More Late Fees podcast, we're deep diving into the wild ride that is 1999’s Go! Join us as we dissect the plot twists, iconic (and questionable) characters, and that killer soundtrack.Joining in on the shenanigans is our pal Megan aka Tapegirl. Was Go a cult classic or a total flop? Is Go an unsung Christmas classic? We're breaking it down with hilarious commentary, nostalgic memories, and maybe a sprinkle of existential dread (because, y'know, the 90s). 

This indie gem boasts an all-star cast you might not have seen together back in the day! Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead) shines bright alongside Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek) and Timothy Olyphant (Scream 2). We'll also see early appearances from Taye Diggs and Melissa McCarthy. Did this indie flick fly under your radar? Let's revisit Go and see if it deserves a place in your nostalgia hall of fame!

Calling all millennials! Was Go a would buy it for you in your teenage years? Let us know in the comments what you remember most about this movie!

·Season 4 Episode 2·

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