Lights, Camera, Slay! Ranking Drag Movie Royalty
No More Late FeesJune 07, 202400:18:35

Lights, Camera, Slay! Ranking Drag Movie Royalty

Lights, Camera, Slay! We're serving you a bonus episode full of sass and shade! This week, we're welcoming back our pal Zack (zackyquackytacky on TikTok) for a dragtastic deep dive into the world of drag queens in movies! Get ready for some fierce competition as we rank our all-time favorite on-screen queens, from the classics like To Wong Foo to some modern gems. But the fun doesn't stop there! We'll also catch up with Zack and hear all about his life as a content creator, plus snag his top 3 employee movie picks (because we put everyone in the hot seat!). So, dust off your feather boas, grab your best friends, and get ready for an episode that's sure to be a total gag!

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