Beyond Brink... DCOMs with I Finally Watched Podcast
No More Late FeesMay 24, 202400:20:34

Beyond Brink... DCOMs with I Finally Watched Podcast

The fun doesn't stop after Brink! Join Jackie and Danielle for a bonus episode as they're joined once again by their hilarious podcast pals, Alain and David from I Finally Watched. This time, they're ditching the inline skates and diving deep into the world of DCOMs! They'll chat about spotting their favorite actors before they were stars (hello, early Kristen Stewart!), and Alain and David will spill the tea on the origin story of the I Finally Watched podcast. Plus, get ready for some serious nostalgia as they share their all-time favorite video rental employee picks.  So, whether you're a die-hard DCOM fan or just love a good podcast origin story, this bonus episode is the perfect way to extend the fun!

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