The Review Zoo - EP 23 - This Time We Do It Live
The Review ZooFebruary 20, 2019x
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The Review Zoo - EP 23 - This Time We Do It Live

Latest episode of Rapture.Press Presents...The Review Zoo

This week, we record in front of a live studio empty space, video link coming soon!

We also talk about...

  • Avengers Superbowl Teaser
  • Hobbs and Shaw, Frozen, Child's Play and Shaft Trailers
  • Bryan Singer's Red Sonja
  • Batfleck is Done, Leto Joker May be Done, GOTG 3 is still coming, Dark Phoenix apparently still sucks.
  • Marvel TV Shows for Hulu, Legion Coming to an End, Y the Last Man coming to Screens, Gambit, X-Force, and Kitty Pryde Movies on Pause
  • Savage Avengers with Conan the Barbarian
  • And Last Battle Angel Alita Impressions

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