EP 68: A Disney Witch You Can Root For
The Review ZooMarch 10, 2021x
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EP 68: A Disney Witch You Can Root For

Hosts: Andrew McDonald and Sam Harper
Editor: Delphine Batier

Recorded 03/07/2021

Hey @marquelonsigler and @MinovskyArticle , thanks for the suggestions! New this week on The Review Zoo, Sam and I give our impressions on: Movie: Raya The Last Dragon TV: Superman and Lois Ep 1 & 2 and Netflix K Drama Series Vincenzo Comic: Two Moon, BRZRKR and Godzilla And our main topic: The Wrapup of the Wandavision Season on Disney+.

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this every episode of The Review Zoo Podcast! Liked the show? Hate the show? Want to comment on something we said, leave a comment on social media!

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