EP 64 - Entertainment is Hard Today
The Review ZooJune 12, 2020
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EP 64 - Entertainment is Hard Today

Perry Mason: Official Trailer | HBO
Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer  (October 2020)

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! With hosts Samuel Harper and Andrew McDonald.

Recorded Thursday, June 3rd, 2020, on this weeks show we talk...

Entertainment is Hard in the Real World Right Now / AKA Black Lives Matter

At The Trailer Park,


BECKY Official Trailer (June 5, 2020 )
Secret Society of Second-Born Royals | Disney + (July 17)


THE LAST OF US 2 Cinematic Trailer (June 19, 2020)

And In Reviews,

The Last Days Of American Crime - I’m violently mad at this movie. 49:20 - 52:00 spoiler

DCeased: Hope At World's End #2
Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #1
Action Comics #1022
FarmHand #15  

Rick and Morty Season 4 Wrap Up
Fuller House is over? 

And last Whats Rebooting Next? Is it Family Matters or something else?

In the meantime and in between, we are The Review Zoo.

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