Drop Dead Gorgeous
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Drop Dead Gorgeous

No More Late Fees is back for Season 4, and we're diving headfirst into the dark comedy cult classic, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)! Join your former Blockbuster besties as we revisit this satirical mockumentary about a small-town girl, Amber (Kirsten Dunst), who enters the cutthroat world of teen beauty pageants. Buckle up for sass, murder mysteries, and questionable dance routines – all wrapped up in a gloriously 90s package. Was Drop Dead Gorgeous a box office flop or a misunderstood masterpiece? We'll spill the tea (and maybe some hairspray) as we dissect the film's dark humor, outrageous characters (we see you, Gladys!), and surprising relevance today. So, pop in those batteries, dust off your VHS player (or just stream it legally!), and get ready for a hilarious (and maybe slightly disturbing) trip down memory lane.

Season 4 Episode 1·

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