Bolt Neck
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Bolt Neck

This week Jackie and Danielle are talking about the 2000 teen comedy horror film Bolt Neck with their guests Ryan and Rob from Radical Retro Rewind Podcast!

A brainy student resurrects a dead classmate by transplanting the mind of a serial killer into the teen's body.

Starring: Matthew Lawrence, Justin Walker, Christine Lakin, Christian Payne, Shelley Duvall, Richard Moll, Charles Fleischer, Kenny Blank, Bianca Lawson and Ryan Reynolds

路Season 3 Episode 18路


No More Late Fees Strike Statement:

In our efforts to support the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes we have decided to pivot our content in the upcoming months to discuss more generic 90s and 2000s content and steer away from highlighting struck movie/tv content. This is a personal decision we decided to make to help support our community. It's what felt right for US. If you have any requests on what we should cover on the show or on social, please let us know.

*This movie is not considered struck content and therefore is aligned with strike guidelines.


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