Sins of the Black Flamingo #1

As we have mentioned infinity times, one of the greatest virtues of Image Comics is the license they give to their creators. It may not always hit in the best possible manner, but there is no denying that this amount of creative freedom has paved the way for several incredible comics and, in a way, celebrates the art form. So when you see something as the first issue of Sins of the Black Flamingo, you have to give it a chance because you never know how it goes.

The concept is quite fascinating and, to some degree, a bit unique, at least in terms of the execution. See, our main character is Sebastian Harlow who is an underground thief known as the Black Flamingo. He enjoys stealing mystic artefacts from the elites of criminal Miami. He is doing it for the thrill of the moment, but when he is allowed to do his most important duty, everything switches.

To somewhat condense a convoluted plot, the Black Flamingo’s job is to ensure that a group of modern-day Nazis cannot get the demon they are looking for. As the mission progresses and our antihero gets involved in different conflicts and situations, he asks for support from his friend Ofelia, who also happens to be a witch. And as you can imagine, the plot thickens from that moment onwards.

It is a unique concept, especially because Sebastian Harlow is such an engaging character and he brings something different to the table–he is a hedonist who is doing all of this for short-term pleasure and to experience a lot more excitement in his life. But as the story progresses, we see him in another life and his motivations start to change as he gets deeper and deeper into the mission, which is probably going to be developed even further in the four issues of this miniseries.

Exciting, fun and with a lot of good sense of humor, this is the type of comic book that Image is known for in terms of creative freedom and it brings something different to the table, which is always very nice. Definitely worth your time and one series you should be paying attention to.

Sam Harper
Sam Harper