Batman/Catwoman #12

Tom King’s approach to the Batman/Catwoman storyline has not been the smoothest, and it hasn’t won over many new readers. He can be considered a highly skilled author who also plays a part, which is vital to note. Regardless, ever since he took over the main Batman title during the Rebirth initiative, his storylines with the Dark Knight have had her relationship with Catwoman in the spotlight and this issue is the logical conclusion of that plot thread. Does it work? Does it not? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

But first, let’s see what happened and how this story has concluded.

Overall, there aren’t many stories in this issue, but it serves as an epilogue to everything that has happened previously. Well, since King took over the Batman title in 2016. It is a celebration of Batman and Catwoman’s marriage and the two characters going through their union, wondering if they can be who they are as a couple and together rather than as individuals.

We see Catwoman dealing with the Joker and then later letting her know that they can’t work together anymore because of her ties with Batman and that there is a high likelihood that she stops being who she is due to this marriage. Selina ultimately chooses to go with the wedding and acknowledges she can maintain her identity as Catwoman while being with the man she loves. Similarly, Bruce tells her he loves her while they are fighting Killer Croc in the sewers in a humorous juxtaposition, demonstrating the Dark Knight’s evident feelings for her.

Eventually, they have their wedding Vegas-style in a small chapel in Gotham, with only Clark Kent and Lois Lane as witnesses. It is a touching moment, especially for those who have followed Stephen King’s career from the beginning and have been anticipating the publication of this scene.

King’s time with Batman has been quite divisive over the years, but he has managed to stick the landing with this final issue and gave his reader what they wanted after such a long journey with many ups and downs. If you are someone who enjoys his series, this issue is not going to disappoint you.

Sam Harper
Sam Harper